Has your website ever gone “offline” because you forgot to renew your domain name? Do you know who your domain registrar is, or did you “old web designer” take care of this for you and now you can’t track him down?
Is your web site running slow? This could be from the quality of your host and/or performance issues with your website code. Do you get bills from your hosting company that you don’t know what they are for, or your website has gone offline because you forgot to pay your bill?
Technology changes are lighting speeds on the internet. When was the last time that you updated the look of your website? Is your website code mobile friendly? If not, this can really be hurting your business.
Has your website not been updated recently because you don’t know how? Don’t have time? Simply forgot about it? Think of how your customers will perceive your business when they see outdated and or lacking content about you. This needs to be a priority.