22 a Day

PTSD kills on average 22 to 24 veterans a day. That is a veteran every 65 minutes. Although the war is off of the mainstream media and out of the public eye, it still lives within us all, and sadly, veterans bring the war home with them. I carry a smile wherever I go, most of the time, because I have been reconditioned through help from loved ones, friends and professionals that there is a tomorrow, and a next day, and a day after that. BUT, the people who know me, really know me, Sherry D, Matt L, Dan H. Mike D, Chad G, Mike (LT) D, Jason B, Phil S, Jimmy M, Abe E, Clayton P, Mark W, Scott L, Sam N, Cooper C, Amanda K, you know the other side, where there is not a tomorrow. You've been to those dark places, seen what I have seen, been thru what I have been thru, and helped me in my darkest hours. Thank you, for the phone calls, the text messages etc.

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